13th Trip
Whitehall Farm, Weedon CC CL 20th – 22nd July 2008

Whitehall Farm, a Caravan Club CL is a lovely site right next to the Grand Union Canal. It's probably not for everyone since there is no EHU, no toilets and no showers. There is just one tap for drinking water situated in the middle of the hedge at the top of the site and the Elsan is under a drain cover in another field across the road. Great value at just £6 per night, a notice at the entrance tells you to pitch anywhere you like but warns you that during wet weather, you may find it hard to bring your caravan back up the field to the entrance if you pitch down by the canal and that the ground can be especially soft at the bottom far right corner. There was one caravan pitched by the hedge near the entrance when we arrived and 3 by the canal so we were the 5th to pitch up. Next day, another two vans arrived and pitched by the canal making a total of 7 but later that day, two left so it was back to 5 again. It was a bit windy but very warm, especially in the caravan so we didn't bother with the canopy. It was very relaxing to sit and watch the narrowboats going up and down the canal and everyone waved and said hello as they went by. One, with map in hand, even asked where he was! We popped out for a Chinese takeaway Monday evening for my birthday and sat in the caravan with it, watching the narrowboats.

Even though it was dry and never rained while we were there, our car struggled a bit getting back up the field to the gate when we left. I had to drive in a kind of zig-zag fashion and keep momentum. Even then, the wheels slipped on the grass. Probably wouldn't be a problem for 4X4 users but we'll have to be careful where we choose to pitch next time we go depending on the weather. Yes indeed, we'll definitely be going again even though it's only 5 miles from home. It's a lovely relaxing site and saves on fuel too!